Why Do I Need...?!

Understanding why starvation mode doesn’t exist.

What is it?

The concept that not eating enough results in a person to not lose fat or possibly may even gain weight despite being in a caloric deficit.

Supposed Causes:

  • Not eating enough calories.

  • Burning too many calories.

  • Being in too large of a caloric deficit.

  • Being in a caloric deficit for too long.


Here’s your reality check…

  • Starvation mode isn’t real.

  • A caloric deficit always works, no matter how excessive.

  • “Eating too little” never stops weight loss.

  • Your metabolism does slow during weight loss but never enough to ever prevent weight loss or cause weight gain.

  • Adaptive thermogenesis is part of metabolic slowdown accounting for 0-20% of total slowdown.


Non-weight loss while in a calorie deficit is bogus. But what is even more of a stretch is weight gain while in a calorie deficit. If you are not losing weight while in a calorie deficit, then chances are you are not truly in a deficit!



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