Why Do I Need... ?!

Let’s talk about ways in which to help us achieve the goals that we set out for ourselves.

One thing that this pandemic has really done is test our resolve when it comes to motivation and creating healthy habits when we are constantly being derailed with lockdowns, working from home, movement restrictions and lack of tangible social interactions.

So to start off this series of WHY DO I NEED…? I thought it would be best to establish some sort of strategy to help us tackle this constant source of demotivation.

⁉️ How are we going to create any momentum to achieve our targets?

⁉️ How are we going to motivate ourselves to actually put in the effort?

⁉️ How are we going to progress in building any form of consistency?

The answer is simple…. GET A TRAINING BUDDY!

Whether it’s via social media (Zoom, Skype) platform or in person, work within the constructs that you are given. A training buddy is a highly beneficial tool in your arsenal.


✅ Keeps you accountable to someone to show up for the training session. Knowing that someone else will be there, it will give you that necessary kick in your procrastinating ass.

✅ Keep you motivated because you are not left alone to push yourself and you have someone else to share the experience with.

✅ Keeps the momentum going because you know your buddy will show up and before you know it, you have will managed to maintain a regular, consistent schedule of activity.

✅ Competitive nature will kick in and help propel your progress faster because you are not training alone. Seeing each other work hard is infectious and makes you want to work harder.

✅ And it is fun to train with someone who is keen and has a similar affinity to achieve the same as you do.

So be adaptable and train with a buddy online until you are allowed to train together outside or in the gyms. Don’t make lockdown an excuse not to be able to train with someone. Technology has come a long way and eliminates this excuse.


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