What The Scales DON'T Say

Too many people are still reliant upon how they measure up on the scale to determine whether they are healthy and fit.

Progress is NOT just measured by the number on the scale!!!

You need to understand that scale weight can fluctuate due to:

1️⃣ Dehydration

2️⃣ Carb or sodium intake

3️⃣ Changes to muscle-fat mass

4️⃣ Stress

5️⃣ Menstrual cycle (women)

I believe scale weight can be a good indicator of long term progress as a measure over longer periods and not daily or weekly.

It is important to understand and realise that if you:

LOOK like you’re on target

✅ Feel STRONGER than before

✅ Feel GOOD about yourself

Then you are making progress and it doesn’t matter what the scale says!!


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