What Are The Benefits of Magnesium?

I often get asked about Magnesium and is it true about what they say about it. I am not one for supplementation but sometimes there has to be exceptions. Magnesium is one of them. Otherwise known as Nature's sedative, magnesium has many benefits. Here is a list of those benefits:

1. One of the most common electrolytes found in the body. Plays a significant role in many biochemical reactions.

2. Deficiency is fairly common in western society. Correction can be done through dietary changes or supplementation.

3. Shown to elicit an increase in sleep quality amongst individuals who suffer from poor sleep quality.

4. May help increase focus and maintain healthy brain function, regulate heartbeat and muscle contractions.

5. Magnesium supplementation appears to reduce blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity.

6. Associated with protective factors against depression and ADHD.

7. As with all supplements, check with your GP, Dietician or Reg Nutritionist before committing to a new protocol to ensure dosage and prescription are right for you.


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