Tips On Avoiding A Blowout Of A Weekend

With the weekend fast approaching, I get many messages from those who have a hard time with weekends and staying true to their meal plans. They seem to end up having massive blowouts and then feel guilty about it afterwards.

Well stop feeling guilty because you probably had a great time with your friends, family or whoever and life is about enjoyment. You can get right back on your meal plan with the very next meal.

Now if you are trying to lose weight, then these blowouts are not helpful and will only prolong your weight loss journey.

So how can we make adjustments to either curtail or minimise these blowouts so as to keep you on track and not feel scared or guilty about the weekends?

Here are 4 tips that may help you battle the potential weekend blowout consequences:

✅ Skip Breakfast

If you can go without eating first thing, try sticking to coffee and fruit until lunchtime to allow for more calories to be consumed later in the day. (i.e.) if you save 500 calories from missing breakfast, you can add those additional calories onto social occasions.

✅ Have A Shake

Shown to be filling and convenient on those days we lack in protein from the rest of our diet. They will not make you bulky as high protein diets prove to be beneficial in altering body composition.

✅ Exercise Same day or Before

This will increase your expenditure for the day. Have a good hard workout to burn as many calories as possible if you know you are going to have a big weekend. Some of the food you will consume after will be used to support the recovery process.

✅ Small Adjustments

If you are eating out on the weekends, here are some sample adjustments on how and what you order. Decide what you want more.. a starter or dessert… not both! Ask for sauces on the side so you can control the amount you use. Drink water instead of soft drink. If you want alcohol, then you forgo dessert.


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