Exercise Protocols: Plantar Fasciitis

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The 3 Exercise Protocol is designed to help you with exercise ideas that target specific issues relating to muscle & joint tightness, mobility and strengthening that occur from everyday living and/or from injury.

I give just 3 exercises to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to keep it simple. I will revisit these areas and provide different exercises so you can practice and perfect the movements while building up your library of exercises.

The first 6 posts in this series will be focusing on various issues pertaining to the lower body. I am going to start with the foot and work my way upwards.

Today is all about Plantar Fasciitis.

This issue is basically pain on the bottom portion of the foot that worsens after not moving OR standing/running for prolonged periods.

This build up of connective tissue under the arch of the foot can be the result of numerous factors:

❌ Limited ankle / big toe mobility

❌ Wrong shoe selection

❌ Poor arch support

❌ Foot weakness & alignment

What you need to do to correct this:

✅ Learn to engage & strengthen the arch of the foot

✅ Improve mobility of Achilles Tendon and Big Toe

✅ Use appropriate footwear & orthotics

✅ Change foot strike when running

Let me know if you have suffered from this issue. I know I used to during my triathlon days and it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. Very annoying actually! It needs to be addressed because it will not go away on it’s own and it can worsen if left unchecked.


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