Exercise Protocols: Shoulder Pain

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Do you feel the pinch during planks or pressing exercises like bench or incline press? It could most likely be the front of your shoulder is getting impinged.

The tendons in the shoulder are feeling the squeeze because their space is being compressed.

An effective way to alleviate this is by protracting the shoulders forward and activating your serratus anterior muscle.

Known as The Boxer’s Muscle - the serratus allows for your shoulders to push forward and create space in the shoulder joint

To remedy this impingement, work through a progression of weight-bearing shoulder protraction exercises as shown above.

1️⃣ 4-Point Stance Protractions

2️⃣ Bear Stance Protractions

3️⃣ Press Up Stance Protractions

4️⃣ Press Up Stance Protractions with Shoulder Tap Pause

Utilise these progressions in your warm ups before any upper body workout.


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