Exercise Protocols: Sciatica Pain Relief

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The 3 Exercise Protocol is designed to help you with exercise ideas that target specific issues relating to muscle & joint tightness, mobility and strengthening that occur from everyday living and/or from injury.

I give just 3 exercises to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to keep it simple. I will revisit these areas and provide different exercises so you can practice and perfect the movements while building up your library of exercises.

Today’s post is all about relieving Sciatica Pain.

Sciatica relates to pain that travels down the posterior (back) part of your leg due to an injury/impingement of the sciatic nerve.

That nerve starts in the low back, travels through the deep glute/hip area and then down the back of the leg to the bottom of the foot.

These 3 exercises are a great place to start when looking to reduce those annoying symptoms:


⚠️ Go Easy! Too much force = heighten your symptoms.

✅ Do gentle stretching of the back of the leg.

⚠️ If foot flexing is too much then keep foot relaxed and focus on stretching the hamstring.


The sciatic nerve runs right under the piriformis deep in the hip.

✅ GENTLY stretching your glute/piriformis can help ease compression in the area.


⚠️ Mobility and stretching is excellent but stabilising the area should be the primary focus.

✅ Bridges are very effective at activating the glutes and core to help stabilise the affected area.


Sciatic symptoms can be serious and if your pain is significant you should contact a health care practitioner for more specific guidance.

The above information is not intended for direct medical advice.


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