Project Restoration: Part 1

2020 has been and continues to be the year that tests our resolve in every sense of the word. No one could have predicted the events nor its global impact on each and every one of us.

Covid 19 has not only targeted our physical well-being but has knocked our mental health for a six with quarantine, lockdown, job losses, social distancing to just name a few.

So I feel that we need to come up with strategies that will help us to restore our mental balance and bring a calm to the storm that is raging within our minds due to these uncertain and crazy times.

First on the list is one of my favourites and I think very necessary measure…


✅ Promotes relaxation by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels

✅ Reduces stress and anxiety by elevating our mood

✅ Can lower blood pressure

✅ Can improve circulation

✅ Can help strengthen our immune system

All these beneficial factors work together to make us stronger and more resilient to negative forces attacking our physical and mental health.

Above all else, it feels good!!! So make sure you schedule a regular massage because it will be an investment in yourself.


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