Priorities... Things To Think About With Weight Loss.

5 Nutritional Priorities For Improving Body Composition

1. Focus On Goals And Behaviors.

· When goal setting, ask if it is something you truly wish to achieve and if you have the behavioral strategies to get there.

· Start by building better habits around food before committing to a long-term diet.

2. Manage your calorie intake.

· You cannot improve your body composition if you are not eating the right amount of calories for your goal.

3. Eat the correct amount of each macronutrient.

· Getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fats for you and your goals is an important piece of the puzzle.

4. Timing your food.

· Timing your food will likely lead to improved performance during your training which in

turn will get you better outcomes.

5. Manage your micronutrients.

· Try and eat a wide variety (25-35 different types) of plants when possible

Why Weight Loss is Not Always Linear

When aiming to lose fat, it is rare to see continual, consistent rates of weight loss represented on a scale through a whole diet. This is due to a range of factors.

1. Hydration levels

Can impact body mass by a few percentage points at a time.

· sodium levels,

· carbohydrate intake

· fluid intake

· menstrual cycles

· volume increases in training

2. Human Error

Over or under-estimation of energy content (calories) per meal can impact how high or low our weight loss the next day.

3. Food in digestive system

Whether in your stomach or bowels, it will change the amount you weigh on a scale and can

mask your fat loss.

Overall, you should be observing the trends of your weight alongside how you are feeling on a day-to-day level.

If you are trying to lose fat and your weight is generally tracking downwards, your mood, energy and sleep are going well and you are feeling good, then it is likely you are on track for success.


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