It's About The Journey.

I don't think we are ever truly prepared for the rollercoaster ride that life takes us on. Multiple journeys, different focal points, interconnected with the hope of heading in the same desired direction. We have the professional journey where we seek to earn a respectable living and establish a name for ourselves. We have the familial journey of raising our next generation and leaving a little piece of immortality behind through our children. These are but only two journeys amongst a sea of them. All take time to develop. All, for the most part, have a plan and focus. All have a want that needs to be fulfilled.

The health journey is no different and is a path to self-discovery. We all have our own definition of what health is. What I might consider to be optimum health maybe completely different to another person. The beauty of this journey is that it is always evolving. We never truly get to the end. We are always re-evaluating, adjusting and renegotiating the path we are traveling on.

I have been in the business of helping individuals find their healthy selves for over 26 years. In that time, I have seen pretty much everything and experienced pretty much everything. My journey exposed me to all that could go right as well as wrong. Trial and error and adjustment were and still are cornerstone components to discovering what works and what doesn't. After all this time, I am still learning, refining and adjusting. Forever changing and adapting.

To anyone on a health journey involving weight loss and discovering the best version of themselves but is having difficulty, I say this to you. Recognise that the road will be long, inundated with obstacles, testing your resolve 24/7 and at times hopeless. I am not going to lie to you, anything worth achieving needs to challenge you. So that when you do succeed, the taste of victory is that much sweeter.

Remember, this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. You will need to learn new and/or refine old habits that will act as allies on your journey to a healthier you. You will demonstrate patience and acknowledge that any positive change, no matter how big or small, is met with an encouraging and accepting attitude. You will not be distracted or enticed by unhealthy shortcuts because the consequences are not worth it. You will not compare your journey to anyone else's because everyone has a different set of circumstances that they have to endure.

Bottomline, your journey will take as long as is necessary for you to achieve your goals. If you truly want to make positive changes and be the best version of yourself, you will hire me as your trainer!!!


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