Is a Fitness Program Necessary?

In order to fully reach your desired fitness targets, it’s crucial to follow and execute, to the best of your abilities, a well thought out program or plan.

Here are some items that you should take into consideration that further promote the argument for having a fitness program to follow:

1. The SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands)

This allows us to place consistent stress on the body that over time the body will adapt to.

2. Programs manage and regulate the rate of exercise changes and body stresses. If you change too soon and too often, it will result in suboptimal adaptations and poor long term results.

3. Programs encourage variation over time and provide a tool for ensuring that we balance enjoyable training with the work required to achieve our goals.

4. Proper tracking of progress. Programs allow us to consistently monitor our progression and provide detail info on our strengths and weaknesses and allow us to focus our energy in the right areas to achieve our goals.

5. Programs map out our fitness journey to get the results that we want. They direct us to establish our targets and ensure that our training is getting us there.

6. Managers of recovery. Programs permit us to manage our fatigue and recovery as they outline how much work needs to be done and guides our efforts so that we can recover from training.


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