Exercise Protocols: Hip Flexor Mobility

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The 3 Exercise Protocol is designed to help you with exercise ideas that target specific issues relating to muscle & joint tightness, mobility and strengthening that occur from everyday living and/or from injury.

I give just 3 exercises to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to keep it simple. I will revisit these areas and provide different exercises so you can practice and perfect the movements while building up your library of exercises.

Today’s post is all about Hip Flexor Mobility.

This is a tricky area because we sit for long periods of time putting our hip flexors at a bit of a mobility disadvantage. 

However, our bodies are very adaptable and when you focus on making mobility and core strength a priority, the hip flexors can absolutely still open up.

Here are 3 different moves that target both the deep hip flexor (psoas) as well as the longer more superficial hip flexor the rectus femoris.

✅ to properly open up the hip flexors and keep your spine neutral always start with core engagement

✅  Rock your hips back into a posterior pelvic tilt right before starting the movement. Try to hold that position throughout your mobility exercise and you will notice a dramatic increase in effectiveness.


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