Exercise Protocols: Hamstring Mobility

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The 3 Exercise Protocol is designed to help you with exercise ideas that target specific issues relating to muscle & joint tightness, mobility and strengthening that occur from everyday living and/or from injury.

I give just 3 exercises to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to keep it simple. I will revisit these areas and provide different exercises so you can practice and perfect the movements while building up your library of exercises.

Today’s post is all about Hamstring Mobility.

When it comes to tight hamstrings, I don’t think there is a single person who has not suffered from it at one point in their lives.

What is the box-standard go-to fix for it?!

❌ Lean over and try to touch our toes right.

❌ Sit down in a figure 4 stretch and try to reach for our toes.

❌ Ineffective stretching often causes our nervous system to tighten

up because we are being too forceful.

These have an opposite effect and can increase your body’s tightness!

Here are some tips for reducing hamstring tightness:

Warm Up!

Stretching when cold, your body is not prepared resulting in an

ineffective stretch. Get your blood, sweat and heart pumping first

and then stretch.

Ease Up!

Too strong at end ranges of motion can be hard on tendons and

even strain muscles. Results in soreness and not achieving the

desired effect.

Move It!

Slow static stretch holds are useful, however, if new to mobility

work , it would be best to use techniques like in the videos that

actively work on your range of motion.

Keep At It!

Make this routine and add in the extra stuff too (i.e.)Foam rolling

Know It!

Understand hamstring tightness is not the only issue. They don’t just suddenly tighten. Most likely your hips, low back, and other areas are locked up too! Practice releasing and mobilising the surrounding areas for real long term benefits.


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