Exercise Protocols: Neck Pain

So I have been getting DM’s from many of you complaining of having neck pain while seated in front of your computer all day.

So most of the time, seated neck pain is caused by a postural dysfunction. Meaning you have adopted a slumped over position and it’s causing the muscles in the back of the neck and upper back to be in pain!

Focus on mobilising the spine into:

✅ Extension

✅ Rotation

✅ Retraction

✅ Side bending.

This will:

1️⃣ Provide some blood flow to the muscles

2️⃣ Work on mobility

3️⃣ Fight off bad posture you have been in all day

4️⃣ Performed easily while at your desk at work.

🔆 BONUS TIP: place a towel under the low back to help keep you spine in better alignment


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