Exercise Protocols: Knee Pain

I have received many DM’s about people experiencing front knee pain when squatting or going up/down stairs.

These 3 exercises are for you to try.

My Physio mates call these exercises eccentric remodelling of the patellar(knee cap) tendon.

In plain terms, the tendon is a mess due to bad mechanics or overuse/repetitive activities. If left unchecked, it can lead to tendonitis or tendonopathy.

The remodelling focuses on rebuilding the strength and health of the tendon by progressively loading it.

Key things to remember:

1️⃣ Eccentric phase (lowering) must be controlled and slow

2️⃣ Increased load on tendon forces tendon to build strength (collagen cross linkages to

strengthen connective tissue in knee)

3️⃣ Try 5-7 seconds of slow, controlled movement on downward phase


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