Exercise Protocols: Hamstring Tightness

I know this is not a new issue for the majority of the planet! Lockdown has us all seated more in front of the computer and not moving as much as we are used to.

Whatever the case may be, we are completely inadequate with our stretching resulting often in our nervous system tightening up because we are trying to be forceful. This then has an opposite effect and increases your bodies tightness!

Here are 3 stretches to add to your daily routine along with tips to reducing hamstring tightness.

1️⃣ Be warmed up

Get your muscles primed and warm before stretching. Attempting to stretch when cold the stretch will be dramatically ineffective.

2️⃣ Don’t use the force

Too much force at end ranges can be tough on tendons and even strain muscles leading to soreness and not getting the desired results.

3️⃣ Get moving

Slow static hold stretching has its uses but actively working through your range of motion like the 3 featured exercised have more beneficial results.

4️⃣ Keep at it

Get into the habit of doing your stretching, movement-based exercises etc on a daily/regular basis. It all will improve with consistency.


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