5 THINGS... Staying Positive

This week’s 5 THINGS focuses on how we can stay positive during this lockdown and pandemic.

As lockdown is going to be in effect for awhile longer, we need to put into practice systems and mindsets that will keep our chins up and try to maintain a sense of positivity so we can endure with our physical and mental wellbeing intact.

1️⃣ Listen To Music

Songs / melodies that sound the way you want to feel.

2️⃣ See the Positives in the Negative

Use your time to learn new skills, language or anything that you didn’t have time to do


3️⃣ Show Your Gratitude By Saying Thank You

Remember that there are people worse off then you. Keep a mindful perceptive and be

thankful that it is not worse.

4️⃣ Meditate

Has been proven to improve your mood and decrease stress.

5️⃣ Follow Your Dreams

Do something that you feel passionate about. Do something that brings you joy.

Never become complacent with where you are because there is always room for growth and improvement.

And remember, it’s ok to not be ok. Never hesitate or question if it’s ok to ask for help! We are all in this together and we will all help each other endure and see the backside of this pandemic.


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