5 THINGS... That Shouldn't Be Rushed

This week’s 5 THINGS focuses on what we should not rush through.

Many of us (I am guilty of most of these things too) seem to be programmed on fast forward.

⁉️ Are we afraid of missing out if we take our time on something?

⁉️ Are we craving a relationship because we have been single for too long that we ignore warning signs?

⁉️ Are we too eager to be successful that we forget to read the fine print?

⁉️ Are we too quick to label someone without taking the time to know who they are?

⁉️ Are we worried about getting things done that we can’t sit and enjoy our meals without hoovering through it?

So let’s all try taking a breath and slow down when it comes to these 5 things. It will help minimise unpleasantness in your life.

1️⃣ Big Decisions

2️⃣ Trusting Someone

3️⃣ Judging Someone

4️⃣ Falling In Love

5️⃣ Eating Our Meals

Never become complacent with where you are because there is always room for growth and improvement.

And remember, it’s ok to not be ok. Never hesitate or question if it’s ok to ask for help! We are all in this together and we will all help each other endure and see the backside of this pandemic.


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