Exercise Protocols: Shoulder Mobility

Ok so who is suffering from any shoulder niggles or pain?

Well I know that a majority of us are in front of our computers for much too long and probably with bad desk posture without realising it. Rounded shoulders and forward head carriage sound familiar?!

Well here are 4 shoulder mobility exercises that I use to help address my shoulder issues and also incorporate them into my upper body warm up routine.

Just as an FYI… these exercises alone will not cure you of your issues alone. You need to address how you train and your preparation for training as well. Here are some things to consider:

1️⃣ Make your training focus to be on shoulder stability instead of pushing heavy weights for a


2️⃣ Add shoulder & thoracic (mid back) mobility to your warm up routine for EVERY workout


3️⃣ Be more aware of body position during exercise. Being in the correct position will mean you

will eliminate your cause of pain and reap the benefits of performing the exercise properly.

4️⃣ Be more functional. Incorporate other training tools (kettlebells, resistance bands etc) to

challenge your shoulder stability.

5️⃣ Make stretching and movement-based exercises a daily/regular habit. Consistency leads to

great improvement.


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