Exercise Protocols: Stiff Neck Pain Fixer

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Ever wake up with a stiff neck or soreness from working out the day before? Here are 3 exercises that can help fix this.

⚠️ If you are regularly dealing with neck pain your going to need more than a few stretches to help fix your condition.

1️⃣ Levator Stretch

🎯 levator scapula muscle

Often symptomatic due to forward head carriage, rounded shoulders and/or tension

held in the shoulders

2️⃣ Cervical Retractions with foam roller

Your just going to tuck your chin gentle to help stretch the back of the neck

3️⃣ Thoracic Extensions with foam roller

Vital to treat the joint above and below.

Since no joint above the neck, we need to loosen the thoracic spine

These movements aim to help mobilise the cervical muscles, alleviate tightness, and provide blood flow. 


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