This is the home for my library of on-demand works specifically created to get RESULTS.

My library has (currently) over 50 classes to choose from.. and better yet, you can combine classes to create your own workout!



Pete has radically changed my approach towards exercise. With his new on-demand service, I can train according to my own schedule regardless of the time zone. It allows me to combine several video segments to create challenging and holistic workouts. 

                                           Daniele Gualdani

Can’t rave enough about Pete’s training platform. He has the ability of making you feel he is right there with you every crunch, burpee and step of the way. Having so many different workouts available to choose from and mix makes it incredibly adaptive to any schedule and fitness level. It’s a game changer! I’m hooked!

                                                         Ava Thomas

Pete is a godsend! I love the ability to mix and match workouts according to how I feel or time constraints...or to go with a preset workout when I need handholding. Pete’s approach is so real and relatable.  Everything you need to get started...stay consistent and committed is right here!!! 

                                                 Marisol Cohen

Pete’s workouts are carefully structured to fit any athlete's level and include detailed instructions. The mix & match approach of the workouts will keep your muscles guessing and Pete's natural charisma will help you stay motivated and stick to your routine! 


                                        Gerasimos Mouzakitis 


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