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Welcome! This website was created to make your fitness journey simple without any gimmicks, shortcuts or unhealthy practises. 

Finding the fun in being active will help keep you motivated, de-stressed and feeling like you can take on anyone! 

When it comes to food, you will always be encouraged to be inclusive and never deprived. Diet is such a dirty word!

The world is too serious as is. Expect to have a good chuckle at your trainer's expense. It makes a hard session go by faster!

Looking forward to working with you! 

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Regardless of who you are, we all love personal attention. Nothing beats having someone right there to put you through your paces while making sure you are doing the workout safely and correctly.

Current available options:

  • In-Person Training if you are located in Central London UK

  • Virtual Training via Zoom, Skype or Facetime platforms

So depending on where you are will determine how we get our groove on and get to work. Either way, I guarantee we'll have a blast!

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How do we raise our heart rates, get our sweat on and feel fit and strong in this new world of social distancing?

With my video training, you are able to bring my workouts, energy and humor into the comforts of your own home whenever you like. All you need is a computer or mobile.

  • Access over 50 workouts

  • Standalone or in combination

  • Bodyweight & Equipment-based

The beauty of this is that you are in control. You say when, where and for how long to train. Simple!

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A monthly subscription

for access to video library

to over 50 pre-recorded workouts.

  • 7-day free trial

  • 24/7 access 

  • New workouts every month

  • Equipment & Bodyweight-based 

  • Home, Outdoor and Gym-based

  • Online support

  • Cancel anytime 

1:1 training sessions in-person or via virtual platforms available in blocks of

5, 10 or 15.


  • 60 min session duration

  • All fitness abilities welcomed

  • Bespoke training program

  • Equipment & Bodyweight-based

  • Home, Outdoor and Gym-based

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Online support


You came for the workout

but stayed for the good times!